If you are going to do adventure sports during your trip, we suggest that you take out accident insurance that covers the sports you practice.

If you already have insurance, WELL DONE!

You can buy and claim online, even after you’ve left home. Travel insurance from is available to people from over 130 countries. It’s designed for adventurous travellers with cover for overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and a range of adventure sports and activities.


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You can purchase it for 01 days or the entire period of your trip.

The list is sorted alphabetically and you can find sandboarding and sandskiing in this list, and the insurance you will acquire will protect you if you do any other adventure sport during the period you have hired it.

Adventure sports, activities & experiences

Below is a list of the sports and activities, work and volunteer experiences we cover. At the time you purchase your policy, you’ll need to select the activities you’ll be participating in; where an upgrade is required above Level 1, any additional premium required must be paid and the activity level(s) will be shown on your Certificate of Insurance.


(1) Level 1 – Automatically covers Level 1 sports, activities & experiences and non-manual work in the Standard Plan and Explorer Plan.

(2) Level 2 – Upgrade required – Also includes Level 1 sports, activities & experiences, non-manual and manual work.

(3) Level 3 – Upgrade required – Also includes Level 1 & 2 sports, activities & experiences and manual work.

When participating in any activity, you must act in a reasonable manner in the circumstances and use all recommended safety equipment and protective clothing that is necessary and undergo any required training. Where noted in the list of activities, the following Special Conditions and Special Exclusions also apply.

Special Conditions

(a) You must be with a professional, qualified and licensed guide, instructor or operator.

(b)  You must have the appropriate certification or licence to participate in this sport, activity or experience at home. If operating a motor vehicle, the driver must hold the appropriate valid licence in their country of residence for the vehicle.

(c) Within 60 miles of a safe haven (a protected body of water used by marine craft for refuge from storms or heavy seas).

(d) Conventional skiing/snowboarding only. It is not a condition of cover that you ski or snowboard with a guide, however, you must follow the International Ski Federation code or the resort regulations; we strongly suggest that you do not venture into back country areas without taking local advice and appropriate rescue equipment.

(e) Conventional scuba diving only.  You are limited to your current qualification limit, unless accompanied by a qualified instructor, taking part in a recognised course requirement of your chosen Diving Association. You must hold a current P.A.D.I. (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), B.S.A.C. (British Sub Aqua Club), SAA (Sub Aqua Association), C.M.A.S. (Confederation Mondiale Des Activites Subaquatiques), or equivalent internationally recognised qualification and follow their relevant Association, Club or Confederation rules and guidelines at all times, or you must only dive under the constant supervision of a properly licensed Diving Instructor and follow their rules and instructions at all times.

(-) Refer to another sport, activity or experience, as shown.

Special Exclusions

There is no cover for:

(i) Any competition, free-style skiing / snowboarding, ski/ snowboard jumping, ski-flying, ski / snowboard acrobatics, ski / snowboard stunting, or ski racing or national squad training, the use of skeletons.

(ii) Any unaccompanied dive, any dive for gain or reward, any dive which takes you below your current qualification limits, or any dive below 50 metres under any circumstances.

(iii) Free mountaineering, climbing in remote or inaccessible regions, exploratory expeditions and new routes, high altitude climbing over 6,000 metres, mountaineering expeditions or  activities within Antarctica, the Arctic Circle or Greenland.

(iv) Personal Accident

(v) Personal Liability

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