"Honeymoon Trip in Perú Without Sandskiing is like to don't be completely married" 

Yesterday 18 of August 2018 we received the first travelers to practice sandskiing in the dunes of the Pisco Desert, and it could not be better, knowing that the couple wanted to do this activity during theIR "Honeymoon Trip in Peru".

Jonas and Frankie spent their last day traveling from Cusco to Lima, unloading what was left of the day and leaving very early for Paracas according to the itinerary organized by us, suggesting that they visit this destination which they will like to end their trip in Peru.

They had a reservation with us to carry out the expedition in Huacachina, but due to a restriction to operate logistically in the desert dunes of Huacachina, it was not possible. The couple was determined to stay in the capital but anxious to want to perform the sandskiing, yes or yes.

Since 2016 we already had projects to operate this destination, but the logistics and adequate service to which we are accustomed to providing limited us to continue studying the possibility, but thanks to the enthusiasm of Jonas and Frankie who were advised directly by our CEO - Martin Guerra H. who was encouraged to manage the adventure for them, just had to make some calls to the contacts that Martin has been doing in these 10 years immersed in the dunes and organized with instructors from Huacachina to launch this experience in Paracas.

Jonas and Frankie arrived at 10.30am and they had the time to walk around the bay and they also found the opportunity to practice Kitesurfing; a whole set of opportunities that only a couple of travelers start by connecting the sustainable and responsible development of a destination.

"Considering that Laurent Bernhard, founder of sandskiing in Peru has already been sliding in these dunes but not as a tourist looking for this experience, Laurent is part of everything that happens in the development of this discipline in Peru and South America and we are grateful that he forms part of our team from the dunes or mountains where he is to promote this sport on the sand."


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The right clothes would be a short, a polo, sunglasses and long socks because with the sand the snowboard boot scrapes a little.

You can omit the gagols since more comfortable in the sand would be the sunglasses, in the case of the helmet is very necessary because sandboarding and sandskiing is an extreme sport.


We have the materials to adapt them and without damaging the base of the table since you may use it again in the snow, they would have to arrive before the program to have it ready at the time we started, the cost would be 70 soles or 23 dollars.


You should have a memory card or usb or in any case we could sell you a memory of 8 GB at 25 soles since the videos of the gopro are very heavy and long.


Credit Card payments are collected by Trekksoft AG acting as an authorised agent of SANDPERU SAC. Subsequently, Trekksoft AG will appear as SANDPERU EXPERIENCE on your credit card statement.

The domain where you enter and process your payment is owned and operated by TrekkSoft AG.


Is necesary to be in our office at 2.15 pm to test the equipment.

Sandboarding or Sandskiing is consider a extreme sport and has a risk, any accident or injury will be responsibility of the traveler.


Is necesary to be in our school at 3.30 pm to sign your assistance.

Dune buggy programs includes only adicional lyingboarding activity with artesanal boards, no is like snowboarding.


The travelers choose the schedule, check your time in the ticket (PDF), is necesary to be half hours before in our office.


We are located in the Hotel Desert Ninghts (infront the lake) in the Oasis Huacachina. From the bus stations of Ica in taxi is 10 minuts. If you want informtation in the Oasis Huacachina about us, you can ask in the hostels, Wild Olive, EcoCamp or Huacachina Backpackers.


Peru Office: travel@sandperu.com | +51 986 986 986  (Calls & WhatsApp) | Contact person: Karyeli Bottaro

International Advise: info@sandperu.com | +41 79 645 9354  (only WhatsApp) | Contact person: Martín Guerra

We usually respond immediately.


Booking s that cancel with 3 or 6 days in advance, will be deducted 40% of the payment made.

The reservation that is canceled with 2 days in advance will be deducted 50% of the payment made.

The reservation that is canceled with 1 days in advance will be deducted 70% of the payment made.

The reservation that is canceled on the same day of the activity will be deducted 100% of the payment made.

A full refund will be made to reservations that cancel with 7 days in advance (In the case of special events, 20% will be charged for booking and / or advice)

  • Our online booking and payment system is configured through the Swiss company Trekksoft AG.
  • After making the online payment with any credit card, our system will automatically generate a ticket for the activity and a ticket of the payment made.
  • Our prices are in US dollars, if the currency of your bank account is in another currency, the conversion will be made according to the exchange rate generated by the company Trekksoft AG.
  • If you have any questions or problems with payment or conversion of the payment, please write to info@sandperu.com

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  • It is possible to customize the departure and return times, if necessary.
  • The experience lasts 2 hours and 45 minutes.
  • It is very requested by travelers who travel as a couple, parents with children and by travelers who have their travel itinerary with a little bit of time.
  • The recommendable starting time during the morning is at 08am and in the tard from 3pm (due to weather conditions), but it is possible at any other time.

Yes, we have equipment equal to snowboarding and skiing, many of these brought from Switzerland for our projects of sustainability, development and social activities with children and young people from Peru, mainly from the city of Ica.

Entertainment; It is the activity offered by most tourist agencies and consists of performing sandboarding lying or sitting – “Sand Sled”.

Professional, it is practiced as snowboarding with equipment equal to that of snow (board, bindings, boots, helmet).

PeruHop arrive in Huacachina at 14:15 , you can arrive in our school at 2:30pm or maximum 2:40pm to test the equipment and then we leave to the dunes.

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